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Dangers of Reusing Condom

Don’t Wash or Rinse Condoms to Reuse.

As weird as it sounds, people are rinsing and reusing condoms. Condoms are strictly for one time use, and should be disposed of properly after use.

Statistical evidence from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that people especially the se*ually active ones engage in this unbelievable act, hence they have issued out a warning for people to stop reusing their already used condom.

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A fresh condom should be used in each round of fresh s*x act.

Studies have shown that when condoms are used constantly and properly, they are highly effective the prevention of STDs (se*ually transmitted disease), Pregnancy, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Etc.



 1. When male condoms are reused, the later becomes weak causing tears that may increase the risk of getting pregnant and transferring STDs.

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2. When Condoms are reused, they introduce micro organism into the s*x organs of the person or individual.