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Early Signs of Lump and Breast Cancer

A lump is just one of the signs of the breast cancer in men or women. Breast cancer can come in many different ways.  It can cause changes to the skin on and around the breast. Anyone that sees any of these signs should see a physician.

There may be no signs in some cases, but a regular breast cancer screening test is advisable for early detection and treatment.


Signs of Breast Cancer 

1. Changes In The Texture Of The Skin:

Breast cancer can cause a total change in the texture of the skin. This happens when the skin cells are affected. This can be in form of scaly skin around the nipple and areola. It will look dry and dark tanned. It can be in form of skin thickening in any part of the breast. These changes may also cause itching, which people often associate with breast cancer.


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Once a discharge is observed from the nipple, it is important to seek medical attention. The discharge can be thick or thin , and may have different colors ranging from clear to milky to yellow, even green or red. It is normal to for mothers that are breastfeeding to have a milky discharge from the nipples, but apart from that, there are other factors that can cause nipple discharge, they include: breast infections, side effects of birth control pills, side effect of certain drugs, some medical conditions, and variations in body physiology.


This in most cases is a sign of inflammatory breast cancer. Cancer cells can cause a buildup of lymph fluid that causes swelling in the breast. Anyone who notices this should consult a doctor. Some doctors refer to this as “peau d’orange


Lymph nodes are small, rounded collections of immune system tissue that filter fluid and arrest harmful cells. These include bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. If a cancer cell affects the breast, it first travels to the under arm lymph node region on the same side of the affected breast. This can cause swelling in that region.  Swelling can also occur in the collarbone. They usually feel like small, firm, swollen lumps and may be tender to the touch. However, lymph tissue may also change due to breast infections or other illnesses.

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Breast cancer can cause changes in the cells of the skin and this can lead to the feelings of pain, tenderness, and discomfort in the breast.


Breast cancer can cause the entire breast or some part of the breast to swell. Although it is possible for people to have breasts that are slightly different in size at all times, this swelling would cause a change from their usual breast size.

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 7. REDNESS: Breast cancer can cause changes in color of the breast skin .It may appear discolored , bruised reddish,

purple or have a bluish tint. Any sign of this should be given immediate medical attention.

However, people should note that age, hormonal imbalance, menstrual cycle, injury, and other forms of infection can cause some kind of changes in the breast. It is better to seek a medical attention whenever one experiences changes in ones breast.


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