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How to Apply for Obamacare 2018

Apply for Obamacare.

Obamacare was once said to be the best thing that has happen to the citizen of America. Though others, including the Administration of Donald Trump do not see it that way.

Many folks still want to, desiring and hoping to join the program.

In this article we have listed the documents and information needed to apply for the Obamacare.

  1.  Names, birthdates and Social Security numbers for all members of the household
  2.  Document numbers for anyone with legal immigration status
  3.  Income information for all coverage-holders
  4. Information about employer-sponsored health plans
  5. Tax return from previous year (to help predict income)
  6. Student loan documents
  7. Alimony documents
  8. Retirement plan documents
  9. Health Savings Account document
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